Director: Len Wiseman

Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Michael Sheen, Shane Brolly, Bill Nighy, Erwin Leder, Sophia Myles, Robbie Gee, Wentworth Miller, Kevin Grevioux, Zita Görög, Dennis J. Kozeluh, Scott McElroy, Todd Schneider, Sándor Bolla

Production: Lakeshore Entertainment, Laurinfilm, Subterranean Productions LLC

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Thriller

Country: Germany, UK, Hungary, USA

Release Year: 2003

Duration: 121 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: A war has been raging between the Vampires and Lycan for centuries, Selene (Beckinsale) is a death dealer, assigned to hunt down and eradicate the last of the Lycan. When she comes across Michael Corvin (Speedman) who holds the key to end the war she must decide where her allegiances will lie.

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